Jakob Øster

About me

I love to act

I LOVE being in front of a camera! I have only been active for 18 months and have already had approx. 70 assignments – many roles with lines – eg in 5 TV series “The Rain”, “When the dust has settled”, “Awkward”, “Freedom and” All about Emma”. “I have had major roles in 12 short films – among others “Mellem Duerne” and “På Den Anden Side” which have both received support from Filmværkstedet. I have spoken on several commercials and participated in post audio recordings of Thomas Vinterberg’s new film “Druk”. I am often casted as a family man and / or businessman. I have had several modeling assignments. I can play as boyfriend, married couple and family with Sara and my children. I have had more challenging roles in short films such as incest father, alcoholic father and murderer and a commercial where I had to cry (Beauvais). I have had 3 assignments (Beauvais, DSB and Interflora), where I have been selected on the basis of castings among educated actors. I have studied Musicology at the University of Copenhagen and as a young man have played a lot of amateur theater.


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